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The Framed House: The Grand Illusionist?

You may or may not know that we are building a new house! We tore our 1950’s home down over the summer in July. We had lived in that house for 12 years. While it was updated and certainly nice, we (well mostly me 🤗) really wanted a bigger kitchen for entertaining and a larger master bedroom, bath, and closet. I’m so tired of switching out clothes for our 2 Texas seasons!! That comment was a tad facetious since we only have 2 seasons here and not 4! Regardless, I need all my clothes in one location at all times! I actually have 3 pairs of brown ankle boots just because I lost track of some from one Fall to the next, but then found them again! This has happened with others things in my closet too 😆

Initially our plans were to do a renovation of the existing house and add 1000sf. Well, it turned into a complete tear down, including a new foundation!

The old house was demo’d, the lot cleared and prepped, the footings poured, and here we are today with the framing being done. Which is what leads me to this post. We walked it the other day and the rooms of my 3600sf+ home seem too small!! What the?!?! We worked on this house plan for months on end with an architect. I looked over and over at the room sizes and felt happy with them on paper. So why are the rooms so small 😫 Did we do something wrong? Did we not think this through thoroughly??

Being the Googler that I am, I Googled it! Apparently, I am not alone in feeling that my framed house is smaller than I thought it would be. There are quite a few discussions about this very topic on the Internet. Quite a few discussions about this on Houzz. Needless to say I was happy to find out that my “home to be” that feels too small at this stage will not feel this way when we are all said and done! Huge relief!!

What I found out from browsing the Internet is that at the framing stage of home construction what you are seeing is an optical illusion. No mind altering substances needed! Exactly why this is so, I am not sure. No definitive answers were given except that it’s just the way it is!

Since beginning this post I have gone over to the house with a tape measure. It was on a Sunday when the workers weren’t there. I’m sure this sounds so OCD, but building a house is a huge undertaking and expense! It has to be right! And, I needed to have peace of mind that all was right. Well, the measurements on our plan do match the actual measurements on site. My mind was eased. All is good. It is true that the framed house is the GRAND ILLUSIONIST! Well, at least that is what I am hanging on to! I’ll have to come back and update you once our house is complete.

In the meantime, stay tuned for more posts as our house is being built. And, if you’ve experienced “my house felt small during framing stage, but it all turned out fine” scenario I’d love to hear from you in the comments below!




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