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10 Things That We Learned From Hurricane Harvey

We are about 12 days post Hurricane Harvey here in Houston and we are far from being recovered! That will take weeks, months, and as some even say, years… The flooding rains of harvey were unimaginable. There are still roads and neighborhoods under water to this day! There are curbs covered with debris, furniture, appliances, and personal belongings, among other things. There are still people displaced and in need and will continue to be for months to come.

We are volunteering our time and giving supplies to those that need it. Our communities have come togehter in BIG ways! And many have come from far away to help us. Thank you!

Minimal worries are it’s taking extra long for people to get to work and to get out to help because the roads that ARE open are packed because other roads are closed.

There is no denying that there is still a long, long road ahead of us! But I am pretty confident that WE WILL RECOVER SOONER RATHER THAN LATER!

Here are 10 things that we learned from Hurricane Harvey:

1. People you don’t know will put their own lives on the line to save you!
2. The Cajun Navy and Texan Navy is better equipped than the Federal Government and is much faster.
3. Race does not divide us, the media divides us!
4. CNN stands for Covers Negative News and CN stands for Cajun Navy.
5. HEB and Mattress Mack are the best in TEXAS! And let us not forget honorary Texan JJ Watt!
6. All lives matter including Animals!
7. No water is too deep nor too shallow for passage.
8. A Cajun and a Texan can launch a boat anywhere including roadways!
9. Our strength is ” Togetherness “.
10. Under no circumstances will we be defeated!

Now let’s pray that Hurricane Irma has mercy on our friends to the east! Go away Irma!!

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