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Spring & Summer Totes: An Oh So Fun Obsession!

Hey Y’all! I love totes! And spring and summer offer the best totes in my opinion. Colors, embroidery, different materials, fun sayings, you name it! The problem is where to put them all?!? They do take up a lot of space. I need to build a special closet in my house just to accommodate all the totes I currently have and to add more to my collection 😊

I popped into my local Francesca’s to see what they had new for the Spring. They always have some cute seasonal things. I am by no means opposed to spending money on classic, long-lasting clothes and accessories, but sometimes it’s the fun, less expensive, seasonal things at at local retailer that can give your change of season wardrobe a fresh look and a little boost!

What cute totes thay have for the summer!! There are so many! You definitely need to go to their website. Check out a few of them below, as well as cute totes from two of my other favorites – Anthropologie and Stella & Dot! I think I need them all! But where am I going to put them 🤔

I’d love to know your favorite(s) in the comments section at the end of this post!

(Francesca’s) Pineapple Tote $20

(Francesca’s) Flamingo Tote $34

(Francesca’s) Jillian Gold Tote $24

(Stella & Dot) Reversible Voyage Tote $79

(Francesca’s) Havana Pom Pom Tote $44

(Anthropologie) Cherry Blossom Tote $138

(Anthropologie) Ocean Raffia Tote $98

(Stella & Dot) Dune Tote $79

(Anthropologie) Petite Stella Tote $78

So, what do you think? Do you have a favorite?


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